Friday, June 10, 2011

How dare he say 'green' is bad...

As a licensed professional engineer and someone who has has been forced to embrace the 'green' culture as a LEED Accredited Professional (well before it became vogue and commercialized by the GBCI), I find myself doubting the intent of the 'sustainable' movement through the motives of the people that are looking to control us by monitoring the power and transportation industries as well as the so-called climate change believers.

I am a practical person.  I believe in the conservation of resources and lessening our dependence on foreign oil.  I am for best management practices and doing what is right environmentally.  However, my training as a civil engineer causes me to struggle with the propaganda that is put forth every day from people that are looking solely to generate a business out of being 'green'.  The only thing 'green' about 'green' is the money it is costing.

I will be discussing my opinion on power sources, the LEED credential maintenance process (which I am probably going to have to sign up for since it 'looks good on the resume)', my experiences with untested sustainable technologies, my issues with organic farming vs. growing world hunger, the overall environmental impact at the end of a life cycle of 'green' items such as CFL lighting and hybrid cars, and many other issues.

Stay tuned....

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